Kyeshia Moore
Academy Director
Nadia McAllister
Assistant Director


Now Accepting Applications for the 2015-2016 School year. Openings in Infant class, Three Year Old, and Pre-K Classes

Hours: Monday – Friday 6:00 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. 

1873 Iris Drive SE
Conyers, Ga 30013

Please call 770-929-1813 or email kmoore@sbcgrowth.church to schedule an appointment.

About Us 

Welcome to Springfield Christian Academy, we are one of the most well-known private daycare facility in the area. 

We offer an Academic Preschool for infants to age 4, which starts for children at age two. In addition, we offer a private Pre- Kindergarten program. Our days are very structured, which include lots of learning and loads of fun! Our faith-based curriculum is ABEKA, which does an excellent job of preparing our children for Kindergarten and beyond. Included with our curriculum we incorporate Spanish, Music and Chapel. 

Include information regarding

-History of Springfield Christian Academy

-Why choose Springfield Christian Academy?

• Quality Childcare at an affordable price
• Christian Based
• Uniforms

Thanks in part to our strong rapport with area private and public schools, we are continually evaluating and evolving our program to stay ahead of educational requirements. The result? Our preschoolers are more than prepared for their big transition to kindergarten. In fact, many of our students have been accepted into premier private schools or advanced learning programs and we are frequently complimented by both schools and parents on how well we have prepared their child.

Programs and Activities

A weekly chapel program is planned throughout the year. Bible stories, puppets, praise and worship and prayer time are presented each Thursday.  Students should be in formal uniform attire every Thursday for Chapel. 

Chapel Attire

Boys: Khaki pants, light blue long or short sleeve polo shirt
Girls: Khaki skirt, light blue long sleeve or short sleeve shirt. 

-Extracurricular Activities  

TumbleBus: is a “gym on wheels”. The gross motor skills development program is based on a series of physical activities that are held on the cheerfully decorated bus. More information is available in the lobby. An additional monthly fee applies. 
Karate Students are taught the 5 Tenets of TAEKWON DO during weekly Karate lessons.  An additional monthly fee applies. 
Joyful Expressions Dance Choreographed danced lessons which incorporates teaching scripture memorization through dance. An additional monthly fee applies. 

Karate: Students are taught the 5 Tenets of TAEKWON DO during weekly Karate lessons.  An additional monthly fee applies. 

Joyful Expressions Dance: Choreographed danced lessons which incorporates teaching scripture memorization through dance. An additional monthly fee applies. 



Infants (6weeks+)

Babies grow day by day. From birth through adolescence, our little one moves through a steady progression of milestones that include every area of development. These vary by age and include acquiring new motor skills, developing cognitive skills and grow socially.  Infants love to explore the world around them. They listen, watch, touch, smell and taste their surroundings. 

Springfield Christian Academy will allow your infant to experience and embrace an abundance of wonderful experiences for your baby to enjoy, observe, and explore this new world.  Our teachers communicate with our parents the important day-to-day components of their child’s day such as feeding, sleeping, diapering, along with new and exciting learning experiences like first words or first steps.  

One Year Olds (13months+)

Now that your little one is really moving and curious to explore everything, our teachers engage in hands on learning to support the development and maturity of your child.

We offer a hands-on approach to learning to foster each child’s cognitive development, personality, behavior and physical health.

• Large group activities that focus on singing songs or exploring books.
• Teacher-initiated activities such as music or art.
• Child-directed activities in our Learning Centers.
• Lunch and nap times to nourish and rest your child’s growing mind and body.
• Outdoor play at least twice daily to burn off energy and develop motor skills. 


Two Year Olds

The Two year old program provides many opportunities for active exploration, creating positive interactions for learning. Our two year olds concentrate on learning shapes, colors, letters and numbers. 

Our two year old program beings to incorporate the ABeka curriculum to support children’s growing independence with guided learning.  Students are encouraged to explore positive interactions with their teacher and peers. 

Three Year olds

Three year olds step into more structured learning focused on mastering skills through Learning Centers, such as art, dramatic play,  books, puzzles and advanced manipulatives. Fun, interactive lessons on letters, phonics, numbers and skills are drawn from the ABEKA Curriculum. 


The ABEKA curriculum teaches children to read through phonics instruction with one-and two-vowel words in small readers. Children learn number concepts 1 to 20 and counting from 1 to 100. The curriculum includes writing, Bible, art, music, poetry, and language development activities.


2 and 3 year olds Curriculum - Click Here

Pre-K Curriculum - Click Here

Parent Resources

Springfield Christian Academy 2015 Handbook - Download 

Springfield Christian Academy Uniform Policy - Download 

Springfield Christian Academy Preschool Enrollment Application - Download 

Springfield Christian Academy - Financial Responsibility - Download 



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